An Introduction to Hydrogen: From Production to End Uses (Recording / Slides)

On October 10, Krystal York and Neil Kern from H2Edge presented about the increasing interest in hydrogen to the energy transition due to its potential to decarbonize various sectors.

Energy Central Podcast

MI Hydrogen Co-Directors Todd Allen and Gregory Keoleian discussed the future of hydrogen and the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen Hub (MachH2) with the Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast.

Hydrogen Factsheet

Prepared by the Center for Sustainable Systems

Workshop Slides

Decks from the five workshops.

Expert Advisors

A group of outstanding faculty and business leaders have volunteered to provide critical guidance and expertise to students throughout the competition. Students are strongly encouraged to engage with these experts throughout the development of their proposals, especially in areas where teams may have a gap in expertise. Students will have several opportunities throughout the competition to request and receive expert feedback on their proposals.

Lead Instructor

Aaron Crumm, Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Michigan 

Team Mentors

Nadia Abunasser, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Rajendra Prasad Bandi, Bosch

Rohini Bala Chandran, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

Matthew J. Fairlie, Next Hydrogen

Liz Galea, Mitsubishi Power 

Mirko Gamba, Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan 

Genan Harissa, Bosch

David Ingram, Fortescue

Kwangwoo Jeong, Bosch

John Koposz, Argonne National Laboratory (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen) 

Vinay N D Krishnamurthy, Bosch

Tony Lancione, Noble Gas Systems

Levi Larsen, Idaho National Laboratory

Thomas McKenney, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University of Michigan

Tim Slusser, City of Detroit, Office of Mobility Innovation

Vismita Sonagra, Bosch

Tim Wallington, School for Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan 

Elizabeth Worsham, Idaho National Laboratory

Subject Matter Experts

Rajendra Prasad Bandi, Bosch (Fuel cell & Hydrogen storage controls, Safety)

Matt Collette, Navel Architecture and Marine Engineering, University of Michigan 

Amgad Elgowainy, Argonne National Laboratory (Energy Systems Modeling)  

Aaron Epiney, Idaho National Laboratory (Techno-economics Modeling & Simulation)

Richard Greeley, Innovation Partnerships, University of Michigan (Emerging Technologies)

Troy Kantola, Tenneco (Transportation, Synthetic Fuels, Upgrading oil/biomass)

Ted Krause, Argonne National Laboratory (Catalysis and Fuel Cells)

Vinay N D Krishnamurthy, Bosch (Hydrogen storage controls software)

Tim Miller, Consumers Energy (Hydrogen combustion and energy)

Sam Patel, Consumers Energy (Hydrogen pipelines, safety, storage, transport)

Terra Sztain, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan (biochemistry / hydrogenase enzymes)

Matt Thorington, Bosch (Hydrogen Stacks and Systems, PEM Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers, Leadership)

Krystal York, ERPI (hydrogen technology, economics, energy systems cost, energy systems life cycle analysis, energy systems policy, technical communications, decision science, design science, social acceptance of technology)

Devon Washington, Consumers Energy (Electrolyzers)

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